Ozone generator in drinking water applications

Drinking water is indispensable in people’s lives, and the amount of water people consume every day is very large. Generally, drinking water is disinfected, and ozone is used more. Ozone equipment is slowly increasing, and it can accomplish the task of disinfecting drinking water.

Mineral water is already a lot of bottled beverages for consumption, and its shelf life depends on the complete killing of microorganisms. The commonly used ultrafiltration plus UV disinfection method is difficult to reach the quality standard. Ozone sterilization becomes the first choice method, which can completely kill live microorganisms, reach the double zero index, and remove iron and manganese soluble salts in water to preserve favorable carbon and oxygen. Compound.

When the ozone solubility of mineral water is 0.4~0.5mg/L, the sterilization and quality requirements can be satisfied. The reasonable dosage is 1.5-2.0g/m3. The solubility of ozone in water progresses with decreasing temperature and pressure. Under the actual production conditions, ensure that the ozone gas concentration is 10mg/L, the ozone and water touch time is 5 to 10 minutes, and the gas-water hybrid touch is excellent, and the requirement can be reached. At present, some manufacturers use 50g ~ 100g / h ozone generator to treat mineral water (water production below 10m3 / h) is irresponsible. Primary mineral water, which is of good quality as the source water, does not need so much ozone. (As long as the sewage absorbs a lot of ozone due to severe chemical and biological pollution), the remaining ozone is used as the exhaust gas to reduce the capacity and burden of the exhaust gas treatment equipment. Secondly, it is simple to form peroxidation of mineral water to produce a loss of favorable trace element components.

Ozone equipment installed in the mineral water filling room sterilizes and purifies the air to avoid the contamination of the bacteria. It is often advantageous for manufacturers who do not have air filtration and purification equipment to make mistakes. Mineral water plants that use the ozonation process often use ozone to disinfect water storage tanks (tanks), pipes, and filters. They are also often useful for use in foreign materials.