How to maintain the nitrogen

What problems do people need to pay attention to when maintaining nitrogen generator?

The things that people invented are countless and have brought great changes to people’s work and life. Among them, people have also invented nitrogen-making equipment that can produce nitrogen using equipment. However, people should not forget to do maintenance while using it, so that the nitrogen-making equipment will be used for a longer period of time and the possibility of failure will be reduced. However, people must pay attention to safety when they are maintaining it. So what problems do people need to pay attention to when maintaining nitrogen-making equipment?

1. When starting the nitrogen generator, the venting valve should be in the empty state to avoid overpressure of the air compressor.
2. Welding operations should not be carried out near the oil circuit system. It is not possible to modify any pressure vessel by welding or other methods.
3. The entire nitrogen generator should be carefully inspected before starting up, confirming that no tools, parts or other objects are left in the air compressor.
4. Regularly check the reliability of the safety device (such as a safety valve).
5. Remove any pressure components and ensure that the entire system is in a no-pressure state.