Development of nitrogen generator

The origin of nitrogen generator goes back to the 1950s-1960s. It was first originated in Germany and then introduced into China. However, this product is really widely used in the Chinese market. Of course, the nitrogen generator mentioned here is PSA type, that is, molecular sieve nitrogen generator.

1、 The main output of PSA type nitrogen generator is suitable for 1-3000 Nm3 / h. If the output is larger, the cryogenic air separation is recommended to be more economical, and the purity can be from 95% to 99.999%.

2、 PSA type nitrogen generator is mainly used in the industry, which is the reason why it is widely used in China. Including, food packaging, if some puffed food, dried fruit, etc., nitrogen can significantly extend the shelf life of food. Petrochemical industry, which is also a wide range of applications, a large number of chemical products in the production process with nitrogen purge or nitrogen protection, to ensure the safety of the overall process. Another electronic welding SMT industry, this industry for nitrogen protection is to protect the good conductivity, brightness, performance of the welding circuit board. The main nitrogen can improve oil production, and the use of nitrogen has been generally considered to be able to increase oil production in domestic and international oilfields.

3、 The domestic demand for nitrogen is among the top in the world. Now the domestic economic growth is more obvious than before 2000, so the domestic infrastructure and industrial capacity are booming, which also makes our industrial level and production capacity increase, and the demand for nitrogen and nitrogen equipment is greatly increased. This has also brought benefits to our industry.

4、 How to select the nitrogen production enterprises with good quality. A long time and a long period of time are of course a conventional standard of measurement, but also depends on the concept of business operators, whether they want to make quick money or are willing to do a business? At present, China’s enterprises have a short life span, few high-quality enterprises and low brand recruitment. There are many external factors and many internal factors. We hope to be a long-term enterprise supporting national construction. From the early stage of its establishment, we strive to be an enterprise with high-quality products and timely after-sales service. At the same time, we are concerned about national construction and public welfare. We should not only realize economic value but also social value, and let employees participate in it. We have a sense of belonging and honor. I am willing to have this career to continue to struggle.

5、 Ensure the continuous updating of technology and be the industry leader.3