Daily inspection of 160 m3 oxygen generator

We provide the user with a 160 square meter industrial oxygen generator. After three months of operation of this set of equipment, we provided the first routine inspection, and found the following problems:

1. The noise of the equipment is loud. After inspection, the exhaust sound of the muffler is too loud. The reason: This equipment is composed of two 80 square equipment in parallel. The user’s original use condition is that one air compressor corresponds to one oxygen generator. However, due to unclear use, the full opening capacity of the two air compressors corresponds to one oxygen generator, resulting in excessive instantaneous air flow and impact on the muffler, If the sound becomes louder, the way to deal with it is to dismantle the muffler again, reinforce the interior, and add new silencing cotton to solve the problem. In this problem, we hope that users should have a special person in charge of the actual use of scientific use.

2. There is water in the air pressure buffer tank, which is a normal phenomenon. Generally, water will be carried in the normal compressed air. The purpose of the buffer tank is to remove water and stabilize the pressure, so as to reduce the burden of water treatment for the later oxygen generation. It is necessary to drain the buffer tank regularly.

3. The purity is not up to the standard, the reason: during the customer’s use, because two air compressors are opened at the same time, corresponding to one oxygen generator, the air flow will increase instantly, the sensor measurement of oxygen detector exceeds the instantaneous maximum value, and the pressure of the air compressor is low, and the normal required pressure is 0.6-0.7mp. The solution is to restore the purity of one-to-one corresponding oxygen generator of air compressor to normal, which can meet the requirements of purity More than 90%.

After this inspection, we are also aware of some problems in the use process of users, and also understand that we should pay more attention to practical application problems when training customers. Our customers give our overall maintenance to praise, for my service points like!微信图片_20200908102738微信图片_20200908102755