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home o3 generator


Power consumption: 100W

Input voltage: 110-120V/50-60Hz or 220-240v

Air flow Volume: 106CFM

Noise:   <40dB

Product size: 265*210*190mm

Packing size: 310*280*255mm

N. W. /G. W.: 2.9KGS/3.5KGS

Application Area: 800 sq. Ft/ 80 sq. Meter



Ozone adjustable range: 20%-100%

Two function for timer: 0-30mins or working continuously

Powerful, low noise level, portable, light and easy maintenance

High quality electronic parts, UL listed fan

Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate

Stainless steel pre-filter on the back of unit to remove large particle

plastic protect box for timer and switch, more reliable

all inner terminal is stainless steel material.



Effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses

1. Sterilization: Destroys a variety of bacteria and viruses efficiently without Secondary pollution.

2. Deodorization: Completely removes mold, cigarette smoke etc.

3. Oxygen increasing: Improves oxygen level for air

4. Health: Purifies air, promotes human metabolism.




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clean and remove odor for farming, Keep fresh, wash and remove the residual pesticides for vegetable and fruits, Ozone generator for removing Formaldehyde, Refrigerator keep fresh equipment.


Purify for air conditioner room, clean for kids clothes and toy, clean for daily necessities, Home water purification, Remove chlorine and oxidation for heavy metals