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psa o2 generator

o2 concentrator1

Plant data

Oxygen Technical Parameters


1 - 1000Nm³/h


0.1- 30 Mpa


90% – 98%

Dew Point

≤ – 45 ℃


how does PSA work

PSA( Pressure Swing Adsorption) is an advanced gas separation technology, based on the physical adsorption of the internal surface in the adsorbent to gas molecules, separating the gas by the characteristics of absorbing to the quantity of different gas in general pressure. The CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) is a sorbent picked up from the air, used in separating Oxygen and Nitrogen molecular. The absorption quantity of CMS is greatly higher for Oxygen than Nitrogen under the same pressure.


Low Operating cost; Automatic operation; Produces oxygen from compressed air; easy to install and maintain.

Typical applications for psa o2 generator



Fish tank



Flow chart of psa o2 generator 

o2 concentrator2


Main equipment for psa o2 generator 

Air compressor

Air buffer

Psa o2 generator Feature

1.Unique CMS safeguard are used to lengthen the life of CMS;

2.Nitrogen chain liberated air automatic system is used to guarantee the quality of nitrogen;

3.Air Cylinder Pressure are used to avoid CMS chalking by the high speed air impact;

4.Reasonable structural design are make sure the transport, lifting and installation easier;

5.Easy to use, plug and play.

Psa o2 generator of production equipment

Bevelling machine

Bending roll

Automatic welding machine

Automatic casing cutter

Automatic arc-submerging welder

Psa o2 generator Performance guarantee and after-sale service

All equipment in the contract be designed and manufactured in accordance with current Chinese & professional standard and regulations;

Warranty period: 12 months after formal running or 18 months after delivery, whichever occurs first;

Psa o2 generator QA

1. What is the difference between a VPSA psa o2 generator and a PSA psa o2 generator?

The PSA psa o2 generator is suitable for use under 300 cubic meters and has the characteristics of simple and convenient, movable.

VPSA psa o2 generator is suitable for more than 300 cubic meters of use, the greater the gas volume, the lower the energy consumption.

2. What is the difference between a fish pond aerator and a fish pond psa o2 generator?

The aerator is a self-contained air pump that mixes 20% of the oxygen in the air into the water.

The psa o2 generator is dissolved in water by producing 90% pure oxygen.

Merchants need to consider the choice of aerobics or psa o2 generators based on the type of fry, increasing the oxygen production rate to increase the production cycle, and the total ratio of fish ponds.

3. What is the purity of the PSA psa o2 generator?

The purity of the general PSA psa o2 generator is 90%-93%.

Our company’s PSA psa o2 generator can reach 95%, 98%, up to 99.999.

4. What should I pay attention to when using the psa o2 generator for ozone?

Ozone supporting psa o2 generators mainly need to select an psa o2 generator with stable gas volume and purity to avoid ozone concentration and production due to instability.

5. How to maintain the PSA psa o2 generator

The daily maintenance of the psa o2 generator is relatively simple:

(1) The air compressor should be regularly maintained, air filter, oil, and oil should be replaced by the manufacturer at regular intervals according to the instructions.

(2) The dryer should regularly check the pressure of the refrigerant to make it timely. The heat sink should be cleaned with compressed air every day. The filter element should be replaced regularly. The normal temperature is 8000H. It depends on the specific situation and pressure difference.