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liquid n2 generator


Plant data

NO. LN80-A LN120-A LN240-W





Capacity(L/day) 80 120 240 500 720 1000 1200
Capacity (L/h) 3 5 10 20 30 40 50
Power(kW) 8 9 11 20 25 35 40
purity(99%~99.999%) 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Outlet (MPaG) ≥0.8 ≥0.8 ≥0.8 ≥0.8 ≥1.6 ≥0.8 ≥1.6
Power supply 380/50Hz 380/50Hz 380/50Hz 380/50Hz 380/50Hz 380/50Hz 380/50Hz
Cooling air air water water water water water
Water cooling(m3/h) ≥4 ≥8 ≥12 ≥15 ≥20

LDH series liquid nitrogen equipment is based on the principle of variable pressure adsorption. The high quality carbon molecular sieve is used as adsorbent. Under certain pressure, nitrogen is produced from the air.

After purifying and drying the compressed air, pressure adsorption and decompression are carried out in the absorber.

Due to the kinetic effect, the diffusion rate of oxygen in the carbon molecular sieve is much higher than that of nitrogen. When the adsorption fails to reach equilibrium, nitrogen is enriched in the gas phase to form the finished nitrogen.

Then decompression to atmospheric pressure, adsorbents to remove the adsorption of oxygen and other impurities, to achieve regeneration.

In general, two adsorption towers are set up in the system, one tower is adsorbed to produce nitrogen, and the other tower is desorbed and regenerated, which is automatically controlled by the PLC program, so that the two towers rotate alternately.

The finished nitrogen is then produced by the Stirling refrigerator to produce liquid nitrogen.

Flow chart of liquid n2 generator

liquid n2 generator2liquid n2 generator Feature

1.Unique CMS safeguard are used to lengthen the life of CMS;

2.Nitrogen chain liberated air automatic system is used to guarantee the quality of nitrogen;

3.Air Cylinder Pressure are used to avoid CMS chalking by the high speed air impact;

4.Reasonable structural design are make sure the transport, lifting and installation easier;

5.Easy to use, plug and play.

liquid n2 generator of production equipment

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