3liter LPLN-3 lab small liquid nitrogen gernertor full system

Working principle:

The mixed working medium in the throttling refrigeration stage of

the mixed working medium is throttled by the single-stage compressor, condenser,

and regenerative heat exchanger to provide cold capacity for the refrigerating cycle.

The refrigerant is cooled by the mixed working fluid throttling refrigeration stage

in the regenerative heat exchanger after passing through the compressor and the condenser,

and then enters the nitrogen liquefier after throttling to provide cold energy

for the nitrogen liquefaction supplied by the PSA nitrogen production unit .

The mixed refrigerant pre-cooler is based on a regenerative throttling refrigeration cycle.

From ambient temperature to target refrigeration temperature,

high, medium and low boiling point pure components are preferably composed of multiple mixed refrigerants,

so that the effective cooling temperature areas overlap each other partially, In this way,

the cooling temperature zone distribution matching is perfected,

and the effective cooling temperature zone matching of each boiling point component is realized,

thereby realizing high-efficiency refrigeration with a large temperature span,

and a relatively high throttling refrigeration effect can be obtained under a relatively small pressure difference.

This makes it possible to adopt a closed-cycle throttling refrigerator driven by a single-stage compressor.

Brief description:

The small mobile laboratory liquid nitrogen machine

LPLN-3 is mainly composed of a pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator

and a nitrogen liquefaction unit. The nitrogen liquefaction unit

consists of a mixed refrigerant throttling refrigeration stage and a carrier refrigeration cycle stage.

Among them, the refrigeration cycle stage transfers the cold energy between

the mixed refrigerant throttling refrigeration stage and the nitrogen flow path


Application of small mobile laboratory liquid nitrogen machine LPLN-3:

Mainly based on universities and scientific research laboratories,

the advantage is that it can produce liquid nitrogen independently,

and can be produced as soon as it is used. There is no need to purchase liquid nitrogen dewars remotely, which improves the convenience of use.



convenient and small, easy to move, low energy consumption.

During the use of the equipment, one-key startup and one-key

shutdown can be realized, and the degree of automation is high. Generally,

it can be realized after simple training without too much professional knowledge and skills.